The BIC process can use a diverse array of feedstocks; just about any type of oil, fat or grease, including yellow grease, brown grease, tallow, edible crop oils, inedible non-food energy crop oils and algal oils. There are many aggregators of these oils, including highly experienced sizable firms that can be contracted with to supply a BIC process refinery.

As noted above, the BIC process can accept a very wide and diverse array of feedstocks including yellow grease, brown grease, tallow, edible crop oils, inedible non-food energy crop oils and algal oils. Yellow grease is principally made up of used cooking oil and rendered fats and is sourced from restaurants, the food processing industry, and rendering facilities. Brown grease is sourced from rendering facilities as an animal by-product. Brown grease can also be sourced as trap grease and from municipal waste facilities. Tallow is similar to yellow grease and is sourced as an animal by-product from rendering facilities. Other acceptable feedstocks include plant oils that are not suitable for human consumption, and industrial plant oils that are grown for the purpose of being converted to energy, such as carinata, camelina, pongamia, pennycress, and distiller’s corn oil.

The BIC process offers additional flexibility in its ability to process fats, oils, and greases with high free fatty acid (FFA) content. Furthermore, our pre-processing step (hydrothermal cleanup) allows us to use oils with high levels of inorganic contaminants (e.g., brown grease) that other renewable fuels production processes are not able to accept.

A true pathway to parity with petroleum based fuels.

Partnership Applied Research Associates, Inc. Applied Research Associates, Inc. Chevron Lummus Global

a game changing solution.
feedstocks technology commercialization

• True "drop-in" fuels that do not require blending with petroleum

• Fuels contain high-density aromatic, cycloparaffin, and isoparaffin hydrocarbons
• Produced from sustainable non-food plant crops

• Compatible with existing turbine and diesel engines

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